Guidelines for posting

Since we hope this blog will reflect our diverse SLUDL constituency, it stands to reason that all views expressed will not be the same; nor will they be the views of the SLUDL organization at large except in the aggregate. Here are a few guidelines for posting.

1) Language. Free speech doesn’t have to be abusive. Keep rants positive. If you must be negative, try to do so without resorting to verbal violence. We all do code switching. You don’t have to use the code here that you would use if you were talking to your grandmother, but remember that this blog is a public place.

2) Critique. We’re interested in your thoughts about how to make the program better. Please share them here as you would in a forum of equals, without rancor. Use good arguments, not invective to advance your cause. It’s OK to be snarky, but keep it civil.

3) Personal attacks. If you post a personal attack, we’ll remove it.