1) Be a Helper: We need lots of volunteers at events to help with food service and organization so that things happen when they are supposed to happen and we stay on schedule. We also need help with publicity, fundraising, grant writing, and a number of other activities that require special skills. Drop us an email at sludlstaff@gmail.com and let us know how you’d like to help.

2) Join the Board of Directors: Members of the board seek to promote debate for urban youth. They spread the word throughout the community about debate’s impact on urban youth, raise funds to support urban debate, volunteer directly to support debate activities, and generally oversee the health of the organization. Contact us at sludlstaff@gmail.com for more information.

3) Judge at St Louis Urban Debate League Tournaments: SLUDL hosts six tournaments each year. The tournaments are designed to promote learning for students, kindle their excitement, and serve as an assessment of their hard work. The organization seeks judges of all experience levels from those who have never seen a formal, academic debate to those who have decades of experience. We are firm believers that students get the most out of the activity when they learn to communicate (or debate) in front of all types of audiences. Visit our page for Volunteer Judges to serve in this capacity.

4) Serve as a Trainer: SLUDL welcomes direct support of our students in many ways. During our workshops, we may need experienced debaters or coaches who can teach lessons or organize activities. Some teams may be interested in recruiting former debaters to serve as volunteer coaches. Likewise, teacher candidates or individuals without a debate background may be interested in helping students navigate the non-debate related content the students must master. To serve as a volunteer coach, the individual must meet St Louis Public Schools volunteer requirements to include background checks. Contact us at sludlstaff@gmail.com if you are interested in training our urban youth.

If any (or all) of these opportunities interests you, please let us know by filling out this form and submitting it. We’ll be in touch.