Resources for Debaters

Student Registration (High School Students)
Students must register with NAUDL & SLUDL for the 2016-17 school year.  Please take 5 minutes to register here.

Student Registration (Middle School Students)
Students must register with NAUDL & SLUDL for the 2016-17 school year.  Please take 5 minutes to register here.

Debate Topic & Core Files

Below you will find information on the 2017-18 Debate Topic:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States.

Our core files serve multiple purposes.  As a closed set for middle school, novice, and junior varsity debaters, they allow relatively inexperienced competitors to focus on skill development rather getting lost in the research requirements of exploring the vastness of every debate topic.  For varsity debaters, it serves as a starter pack to introduce them to the new topic before opening the door for increased breadth and depth of knowledge.

Middle School-II, Middle School-I, Novice, Junior Varsity, & Varsity Files

School Integration Affirmative
School Integration Negative
School Lunches Aff
School Lunches Neg
Federalism Disadvantage
Federalism DA Answers
Racism Disadvantage & Kritik
Racism DA & K Answers

MS-I, JV, & Varsity Files

JV & Varsity Files
Courts Counterplan
Courts CP Answers
Courts Disadvantage
Courts DA Answers
States Counterplan
States CP Answers
Topicality (Negative) Files
Topicality (Affirmative) Files

Varsity Files
School Integration Aff (Varsity Only Extensions)
School Integration Neg (Varsity Only Extensions)

Use of Core Files and Evidence Limitations for SLUDL

Novice & MS-II:
1) No changes to plan texts.
2) No new cards unless they are released to all schools in the league, a minimum of 7 days before a tournament.
3) No major revisions to the arguments. Students may make minor edits to tags or change power-wording. (Students who are capable of reworking the files to generate new advantages, disadvantages, etc. are no longer novices and should move up a division.)

JV & MS-I:
1) T1: Junior varsity and MS-I students will use the same rules as Novice & MS-II. Additionally, there are some additional files available to JV & MS-I students.
2) After T1: JV & MS-I must work within the core files; however, they may write new advantages/scenarios. They may update those files, to include more recent evidence and/or stronger evidence. They may NOT add new impact scenarios, new link stories, etc.  Students are prohibited from running new cases or negative positions not contained in the core files.
3) T5: JV & MS-I are limited to core file areas, but do not have any evidence, link, or impact restrictions. Thus, they may run the School Integration Aff, School Lunches Aff, STEM Aff, Federalism DA, and Racism DA. JV may also run States CP, Courts CP, and Topicality.
*JV: No core file restrictions at Pattonville Invitational (T3), City Championships (T5), or MSHSAA/NSDA Districts (T6).

There are no restrictions the Varsity division.

Additional Materials
SLUDL Template– For preparing files