Calendar and Event Updates

2017-18 Events Calendar

September 16 – Fall Workshop – Metro HS (Rescheduled for Nov. 18 at Clayton HS)

September 21-23 – Speech & Theatre Association of Missouri Fall Conference – Lake of the Ozarks (optional professional development for coaches… at personal expense)

October 14 – T1 (Tournament 1) – Soldan High School

October 27 – Wine Tasting Fundraiser at VOM FASS

November 4 – T2 – St. Louis University

December 2 – T3 – Novice/Middle School Tournament, McKinely HS

December 8-9 – T4 – Randy Pierce Invitational at Pattonville HS (Jr. Varsity/Varsity only)

January 20, 2018 – T5 – Washington University

January 24, 2018 – Pizza and Balloons Fundraiser at Felix’s Pizza Pub

February 9-10 – T6 – City Championship at Webster University

March 2-3 – T7 – MSHSAA District Championship (optional) (HS Only)

March 8-10 – T8 – NSDA District Championship (HS Only)

April 19-23 – T9 – NAUDL Urban Debate Championship – Washington, D.C. (HS Only)


Past 2015/16 Events

Fall Workshop
Saturday, September 19th
Metro HS
This year’s Fall Workshop indicates unprecedented growth for the SLUDL. Historically, the league has had 60-75 students, representing 9-11 high schools, attend this annual primer for the upcoming debate season. This year, we had 132 students, representing 12 high schools and 3 middle schools, attend the event.
Presenters from around the city kicked off the year through seminars in community building, debate topic content discussions, introductory debate theory, and advanced debate theory.

Tournament #1
Saturday, October 17th
St Louis University
SLUDL set a record for participation at the first tournament of the year. 122 students (92 HS & 30 MS) from 12 schools (9 HS & 3 MS) competed at T1. Our previous record of 86 students was set on 3 separate occasions. AY14/15 saw our largest group of participation for the year with 131 students. We anticipate breaking that record at our 2nd tournament of the year. In addition to the competition, guest speakers from SLU spoke to the students about college preparedness. The tournament would not have been possible without the support of more than 55 members of the community who gave several hours of their day.

Tournament #2
Saturday, November 14th
Roosevelt HS
Yet again, SLUDL set an all-time participation record. SLUDL hosted 131 students from 15 schools) at Roosevelt HS.

Tournament #3a
Saturday, December 5th
Carr Lane MS
105 middle school students and first year high school students competed at a MS-Novice only event. When factoring in the 18 Junior Varsity and Varsity debaters who served as judges, this was the second largest tournament SLUDL has ever hosted.

Tournament #3b
Friday-Saturday, December 11th-12th
Travel to the Pattonville HS
14 SLUDL students took part in the Randy Pierce Winter Classic at Pattonville HS. Every year, Pattonville hosts one of the largest invitational speech & debate tournaments in the state, with teams often travelling from Kansas City, Springfield, and Jefferson City to compete in the annual event.

Tournament 4
Saturday, January 23rd
Washington University
129 students from St Louis Public School & Confluence Charter participated in our second-largest tournament ever. Many thanks to the office of the provost at Washington University who made this event possible. We also owe the 45 members of the community who served as judges a heartfelt thank you.

Tournament #5
Saturday, February 6th
McKendree University
124 students took part in the event at McKendree University. The 107 students from SLUDL (St Louis Public Schools & Confluence Charter) were joined by 17 students from St Louis County (Ladue HS, Parkway Central HS, & Parkway West HS). The McKendree debate team were excellent hosts providing the bulk of the judges for the event, organizing spaces for us to use, and ensuring the students were fed throughout the day. We were also joined by community members and a number of volunteers from Scott Air Force Base, who served as judges.

City Championships (Citi Foundation Championship)
Friday-Saturday, March 4th-5th
Webster University
112 students from the St Louis Urban Debate League participated in this year’s City Championship tournament. Webster University and the Webster Speech & Debate team were fantastic hosts for this year’s event. More than 50 volunteers from throughout the metro area made the event possible.

National Urban Debate Championship
Thursday-Sunday, April 14th-17th
Four students from Metro HS earned the opportunity to represent SLUDL at the urban debate championship in San Francisco. The students and coaches engaged with students from around the country in an incredible social, academic, and competitive environment.

Past 2014/15 Events

Fall Workshop
Saturday, September 20th, 2014
Metro High School
75 students & 11 coaches from eight Saint Louis Public Schools took part in our annual fall workshop.  Presenters included:
Krista Boysen, a PhD candidate at St Louis University, Introduction to Aquaculture
Shawn Briscoe, SLUDL Program Director, Introduction to Debate
Andrew Gallagher, Debate Coach at Clyde Miller, Introduction to Ocean Cleanup
Katy Maille, Debate Coach at Soldan, Introduction to Offshore Wind Power
Peggy McDermott, former head librarian for SLU Law Library, Effective Research
Hannah Petri, educator and interpretation coordinator for the St Louis Zoo, Introduction to Coral Reefs
Jonathan Smith, assistant coach at Clayton HS, Improvisation Games
Scott Wolla, educator with St Louis Federal Reserve, Economics and the Environment

Judging Training Workshops
Saturday, October 4th & Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
Program Director Shawn Briscoe held training sessions for new judges to familiarize them with judging policy debates and SLUDL expectations.

Tournament #1
Saturday, October 18th, 2014
Clyde Miller Career Academy High School
64 high school students participated in the first tournament of the year. The event featured 27 first year students. The tournament consisted of four preliminary rounds, with the top two teams in each division (novice, junior varsity, and varsity) advancing to the championship round.  A consolation debate was also held between the 3rd & 4th seeds in the novice division. 25 community members volunteered to judge.

Tournament #2
Saturday, November 1st, 2014
McKinley Classical Leadership Academy High School
85 debaters participated in SLUDL’s largest tournament since its founding in 2008. The event also welcomed 6 debaters from Soulsville Charter School, members of the urban debate league in Memphis, TN. The tournament consisted of four preliminary rounds, with the top two teams in each division advancing to the championship round. A consolation debate was also held between the 3rd & 4th seeds in the novice and varsity divisions and the 5th & 6th seeds in the novice division.

British National Debate Team Exhibition & Reception
Friday, November 14th, 2014
Roughly 40 SLUDL students attended an exhibition debate at St Louis University for an exhibition debate between SLU students and the British National Debate team. Following the debate, our debaters mingled with participants at a social hosted by the National Communication Association for International Discussion and Debate & the Center for International Studies at St Louis University

Tournament #3
Pattonville High School’s Randy Pierce Winter Classic
Friday & Saturday, December 12th-13th, 2014
46 SLUDL students ventured into St Louis County for one of the largest invitational tournaments in the state of Missouri. There, they competed against several hundred students from across the state, including Kansas City, Springfield, & Jefferson CIty. One team from Gateway STEM high school advanced to elimination rounds, where they eventually earned 3rd place in the novice division. Three other teams from SLUDL went 3-1 in preliminary rounds, but missed advancing to quarterfinals on tie breakers. In addition to competing, several first-year students attended on Friday evening as observers and a handful of varsity debaters volunteered to judge in the novice division.

SLUDL Tournament 4
Saturday, January 24th
Washington University
85 students from St Louis Public Schools (70 high school students and 15 middle school students) participated in largest ever, SLUDL-only event. In addition to holding 4 preliminary rounds of debate and advancing the top two teams in each division (middle school, novice, junior varsity, varsity) to the championship round, we also had a guest speaker from Washington University address the students at the awards ceremony.

SLUDL Tournament 5
Saturday, February 7th
Webster University
SLUDL broke another participation record at this event! 86 students from SLPS (72 high school and 14 middle school) participated in this 4 round tournament, in which the top 2 teams in each division advanced to the final round. A guest speaker from Webster University and the Webster Speech & Debate team addressed students at the awards ceremony.

SLUDL Tournament 6 (Citi Foundation Championship)
Friday-Saturday, February 27th-28th
Gateway STEM HS
75 students (63 high school and 12 middle school) participated in this year’s City Championships. The tournament consisted of 4 preliminary round debates. The top 4 teams in middle school, novice, and junior varsity advanced to semifinals. The top 8 teams in the varsity division advanced to the quarterfinals.

Eastern Missouri National Speech & Debate Association District Tournament
Thursday-Saturday, March 5th-7th
Two students attended the district championship at Clayton & Pattonville High Schools.

National Association for Urban Debate League’s National Urban Debate Championship
Thursday-Sunday, April 9th-12th
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Four student from Metro high school qualified for and attended the urban debate national championship in Los Angeles.

End-of-Year Banquet
Saturday, May 3rd (11:30-1:30)
St Louis Public Library
Students, families, and coaches gathered at the St Louis public library to celebrate the accomplishments of students throughout the year.