********AY T4 Canceled********

Tournament number 4, scheduled for this Saturday, January 19th at Washington University, has been canceled because of anticipated bad weather. The next SLUDL tournament will be held on February 2nd at Clyde Miller Career Academy. We are hoping to schedule another tournament some time this spring to replace this weekend’s lost event.

AY 18/19 Torunament #2

It’s time to start thinking about the season’s second tournament, which will be held at Saint Louis University on Saturday, November 17. Coaches, be sure to sign your students up. Volunteer judges, we’ve emailed you a link to the registration form already; but in case we missed anybody, that form is here. You’ll find information about parking on the registration form as well. And check our volunteer judge page about what to expect and to find more help with judging, especially if this will be your first time to judge.

An invitation

Hi, all. I’m writing this short post as acting webmaster in the process of setting up the new blog on the SLUDL website. It’s to be a multi-author site. We’ll be adding authors as time goes by. If you’re a SLUDL coach, or a SLUDL debater, or a former SLUDL debater, or a volunteer, and you’d like to be able to post on the blog, you can reply to me at sludlstaff@gmail.com. Please tell me how you are affiliated with SLUDL and include your full name and email address. If you want to reply by leaving a comment, that’s OK too.