********AY T4 Canceled********

Tournament number 4, scheduled for this Saturday, January 19th at Washington University, has been canceled because of anticipated bad weather. The next SLUDL tournament will be held on February 2nd at Clyde Miller Career Academy. We are hoping to schedule another tournament some time this spring to replace this weekend’s lost event.

AY 18/19 Torunament #2

It’s time to start thinking about the season’s second tournament, which will be held at Saint Louis University on Saturday, November 17. Coaches, be sure to sign your students up. Volunteer judges, we’ve emailed you a link to the registration form already; but in case we missed anybody, that form is here. You’ll find information about parking on the registration form as well. And check our volunteer judge page about what to expect and to find more help with judging, especially if this will be your first time to judge.

First AY 18/19 Tournament

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SLUDL’s first debate tournament of the current academic year was held October 13 at Webster University. Here are a few photos from the day. We’re hoping that someone took photos at the awards ceremony. If we get some we’ll post them later. Meanwhile, here are the day’s results in the various divisions.

Middle School Division

Speaker awards: All are from McKinley. 10th place speaker, Elle Hamilton; 9th place speaker, Jane He; 8th place speaker, Chloe Ong; 7th place speaker, Andrew Custis; 6th place speaker; Makenzie Roberts; 5th place speaker, Isabelle Hajek; 4th place speaker, Clara Hodzic; 3rd place speaker, Matthew Stolze; 2nd place speaker, Lucas Herich; 1st place speaker, Cadence Yong.

Team awards: 2nd place team, Cadence Yong and Chloe Ong, McKinley; 1st place team, Isabelle Hajek and Ella Faw, McKinley.

Novice Division

Speaker awards: 10th place speaker, Clarisse Aasgaard, Metro; 9th place speaker, Nyjah Jones, Gateway; 8th place speaker, Rhiannon Steele, Collegiate; 7th place speaker, Jada Adell, Gateway; 6th place speaker; Evey Ohs, Metro; 5th place speaker, Tyler Green, Metro; 4th place speaker, Sophie Bragg, Metro; 3rd place speaker, Lilley Halloran, Collegiate; 2nd place speaker, Alphonso Martin, McCluer; 1st place speaker, Brenda Lopez-Mejia, Metro.

Team awards: 2nd place team, Sophie Bragg and Emerald Brown, Metro; 1st place team, Sifa Wangia and Lilley Halloran, Collegiate.

Junior Varsity Division

Speaker awards: 10th place speaker, Nathan Hough, Metro; 9th place speaker, Larry Daughrity, Collegiate; 8th place speaker, Natalie Gonzalez, Clyde Miller; 7th place speaker, Mariah Rogers, Collegiate; 6th place speaker; Thomas Hough, Metro; 5th place speaker, Jason Adams, McKinley; 4th place speaker, Taylor Trotter, McKinley; 3rd place speaker, Emmaline Edson, Collegiate; 2nd place speaker, Darnesha Franks, Collegiate; 1st place speaker, Collyn Robinson, Collegiate.

Team awards: 2nd place team, Darnesha Franks and Mariah Rogers Collegiate; 1st place team, Collyn Robinson and Emmaline Edson, Collegiate.

Varsity Division

Speaker awards: 10th place speaker, Jordyn Shaw, Metro; 9th place speaker, Nya Fifer, Collegiate; 8th place speaker, Kaizing Chou, Metro; 7th place speaker, Ariel Gordon, Metro; 6th place speaker; Susan Parker, Collegiate; 5th place speaker, Kieran Egan, Metro; 4th place speaker, Bryce Lackland, Clyde Miller; 3rd place speaker, Maya McGregory, Mckinley; 2ndn place speaker, Audrey Snodgrass, Collegiate; 1st place speaker, Desiree Hill, McKinley.

Team awards: 2nd place team, Kaixing Chou and Antonio Katoni, Metro; 1st place team, Camille Shoals and Nya Fifer, Collegiate.